This was the Visual Reconnaissance program.  However, we did all of our intel gathering with photos and were in direct support of the slow and fast facs.  We were not tasked by HHQ except for our take off times and area of operation.  "Atlanta" ops were initially in the "Steel Tiger" area and then expanded to include RP 1-4 and I Corp in 1972.  "Bullwhip" ops were always in the "Barrell Roll" Plain de Jars area.  We flew 4 Atlanta sorties daily and 2 Bullwhip sorties.  I flew in the program for 1 1/2 years and ran the program for 1 year.  My call sign was Bullwhip 27 initially and Atlanta 03 for the last year. We were brothers to the fast fac program and operated in the same room with the Laredo Facs at Udorn.  The program was in operation in Jan of 71 when I got to Udorn and was still going when I left in Jan 73.

Woody Cox

Bullwhip 27 / Atlanta 03