EC-47, "Electric Goons"

Bob "Kaiser"  Wilhelm

OK, here's my 2 cents worth.  I was a 20250, Airborne Communications
Analyst.  (Yes, that old oxymoron Military Intelligence :>)  )
We flew EC-47's, the best dang airplane in the world, IMHO.  We had
loads of DF equipment on board and flew around waiting for zippers to
begin transmitting and then attempt to plot their location.  If they
stayed up for maybe 30 seconds or a minute, we could usually plot
them down to between 250 and 100 meters.  After we recovered, we
would pass on our results to NSA and it would be passed out to
whoever needed it.  Most of the time we never found out who got our
information.  That was one of our major complaints.  Began my flying
stint in Danang in August '72 and then moved to Ubon in December '73.
Only served one hitch, just over 3 1/2 years in the USAF.  Also was
stationed at NSA at Fort Meade for a little over a year before I went
overseas.  Was a three-striper.  Could have made it to Staff Sgt. but
spent too long at the local Ubon bars the night before the exam and
slept right through it.  Glad I don't do THAT kind of stuff any more!
Had a few interesting experiences.