LION Control

Michael  Heredia

>From another scope dope, at "LION "  { UBON } I think we ran the white,
yellow , and cherry anchors  { major CRS } , I remember working the
tanker scope during the monsoon season, I remember we would put the F-4
right behind the tanker ,but with all the clouds and even with there
lights on were not able to see each other  at times , allways had to look
for a clear spot on the scope to try to join them up together.  At times
we could not see the mode 2 , mode 3 squawks on the scope because of the
clouds.  Then came the day in Dec when we started to bomb the north
again.  there were cells of tankers flying around, never seen anything
like this before, then all the F-4s from Ubon took off ready to hit a
tanker before going on there mission,  then came everything from Korat
and Thakli looking for gas. Those were the hectic days, but loved every
minute of it. 

 Lion     `71-`73