BILK FACs covered the "In Country" I Corp area north of DaNang to
 the DMZ (including Hue, Camp Evans and South of Quang Tri) from the coast
 west thru our recon area out to the border (including the Ashu Valley, Ke
 Sahn area, and up close to the tri border area around Ban Ban [a high threat
 area we avoided unless necessary, I might add]); all primarily in support of
 the 101st Airborne Division, Special Forces and Ranger operations in the
 area, as well as other more specialized missions (Ranch Hand, Sandy's, few
 Nimrod's, Arch Light Post strikes, 1st Cav., and others). We were not
 restricted by provinces, but rather by areas assigned to those we were
 tasked to support.

BILK 31, '70-'71