Jolly Green with a Hard On

  HH-3 Jolly Green Probe (Bill Jaynes)


Jolly Green Probe extended (Bill Jaynes)



By Woody Freeman
Jolly Green Flight Engineer



The picture of the refueling probe (extended) made me think of a story. When I was stationed at Clark AB in 78, we had several maintenance people (WAF) assigned to the local Field Maintenance Squadron. They supported us (the Jolly Greens). One day someone working on one of our other helicopters had called for a specialist and when the maintenance van showed up, Out stepped this (SYT) WAF. You know how hot the tropics are. All she had on was just a white "T" shirt on top and to make a long story short. I'll just say their wasn't any doubt as to her bra size. When our pilot saw her he immediately extended the probe. I was outside on the long cord and everyone just kind of said "Thank you, God". The girl smiled a BIG smile and gave us a thumbs up..........