"Invert 33":

When I was weapons assignment officer
(WAO) at invert we often worked with the navy birds and tried to put them
on targets; however, their transponders were not always sinc'ed with af
equipment; however, speaking of worst enemies, i cleared two f4's to work a
target called "delta 32" in RPI just after midnite or close thereto. while
i was monitoring the strike frequency i heard #1 announce his roll in on
the target. #2 later said, "Lead, nice secondaries", after which Lead said
he did not pickle on that pass. Lead then announced he was going to hold
high and asked me who else was working the target. I told him it was all
his; howevere, i would check with "cricket" and make sure. I checked with
cricket and he assured me it was all ours, after which, on second thought,
he said, go out on your primary frequenct and tell "Neckware" to get off
your target. I broadcast that warning in the blind not knowing who
"Neckware" was; however, I received a terse "roger". Early the following
morning before standdown our sister site "waterboy" called urgently wanting
to know if we were working a/c in the dmz. seems someone was bombing in
that area and there was an unwritten rule that they would leave dong ha
alone as long as we did not pursue them in the dmz. Since they were being
attakced in the dmz, they in turn were attacking dong ha with mortar
attacks, etc. Turns our that "Neckware", a heavy cruiser had monitored our
frequencis for targets and would try to get in a salvo before our birds
arrived on scene. Neckware did not know about the unwritten rule at dong ha
and I told the controller to do what cricket told me and it apparently
worked with minimal damage, althoug dong ha was later overrun circa '66.At